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Essay on Men and Women Leadership

Essay on Men and Women Leadership

Men and Women Leadership


Leadership entails working with people in the fast-changing and complex world to make a difference (Pava 3). The society needs sustainable and flexible organizations constituting of individuals. Leadership concerns mobilization of people on tackling tough issues, and it is embedded in everybody. The key to leadership is an ability to unlock the personal potential that instills courage to attempt the uncertain. People have different perspectives on leadership in the male and females with distinguished gender-based differences or no differences in their styles (Paustian et al. 14). Historically, there has been a perception that men are better leaders than women. This negative perception has a traditional gender stereotype reinforcement. Studies demonstrate the value of masculine characteristics disregard to feminine characteristics (Handley et al. 96). It is critical to have recognition of how roles in diverse occupational settings in addition to positive reinforcement tendency, democracy, and competition influence both male and female leadership (Paustian et al. 16).

Leadership qualities

Research on leadership distinguishes gender from sex whereby the former is iewed as culturally labeled male and female qualities, while the latter is attributed to biological characteristics. Qualities of males in leadership include; aggressiveness, confidence, analytical, ambitious, logical, decisive, rational, assertive, impersonal, objective and opportunistic (Fergusion and Todd 411). They are distinguished from the feminine gender qualities that are as follows; emotional, intuitive, tactful, talkative, submissive, receptive to ideas, warm, cooperative, gentle, empathetic, sensitive, and expressive (Ferguson and Todd 413).  Women believe less in their abilities as well as being capable to communicate confid

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