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Juvenile Crime Essay Example Topic

Juvenile Crime Essay Example Topic

Juvenile Crime Essay

  • Reasons why youth engage in Crime

A number of reasons contribute to young people engaging in criminal activities. In addition, three main causes facilitate constant pressure to participate in criminal behaviors. These include peer pressure, need for money and food as well as domestic violence. Peer pressure increases the commitment to fit in criminal activities among the young people. Additionally, majority of young people engage in crime because they lack support they need to avoid the peer pressure to participate in gang’s activity (Krohn, 2009, p.12). Most notably, teens face peer pressure in form of harassment, intimidation, coercion, friendly persuasion, a dare or repetitious begging. Due to widespread poverty, teenagers engage in crime as a means of survival.

Many youths lack basic essentials such as shelter, clothing and food. Members of the gang use the criminal activity to solicit money for the sale of drugs or auto theft (Arrington, 2007, p.29). Domestic problems make the young people to feel that they do not get sufficient attention or support at home. Therefore, they participate in crime because they do not want to be part of home life or looking for father figure. In this respect, gangs usually provide unconditional support and turn to be a family they never had (Krohn, 2009, p.18). Other lesser factors that lead to gang engagement among the peers include desire for protection, excitement and desire to appear cool. For instance, young people join crime since they are vulnerable to community victimization and intimidation.

Besides, they rush to defying authority, or committing crimes (Arrington, 2007, p.66). Many are enticed to the lifestyles of the gangs as they live above the law and involve in several illicit behaviors. Furthermore, gangs’ members have developed an art of manipulation in order to entice potential members. They put on modern fashions, drive the latest cars and participate in expensive parties (Krohn, 2009, p.32). Therefore, they seem to be living in a perfect lifestyle that is desirable by many youths looking to fit in somewhere. The entertainment and media industry offer an image of cool that attract many youths to join in crime.

According to National Youth Gang Center in 2008, 50 percent of all gang members are Hispanics, 32 percent are African American while 11 percent are Caucasians (Krohn, 2009, p.56). In addition, in terms of gender more than 11 percent for males participated in gang crime relat

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