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Just need to fix the mistakes

For the final alter the format to a Memo to actually create a policy for a hypothetical department and provide the supportive basis in it.
Cover the legal reason or basis for what is prohibited/protected speech because there is law on that topic. I want you to find and name the governing case on this topic. Officers should be able to delineate the line between protected or permitted and prohibited speech.Sound judgment or common sense or thinking beforehand is not a gauge.
What specifically can be disclosed on the web uniforms/department patches/crime scenepics/picsof evidence? How long may a patrolman surf the net whilepatrolling if at all?
What does your local department do on the topic of having a website? What specific positive things may your department permit or allow with regard to the community?
Was there an interview with anyone?There should have been and if so and they gave you the time of day you should at least give them honorable mention.