(Answered) English 101:A Nation of Vidiots by Jeffrey Sachs Critique Assignment Sheet - Essay Prowess

(Answered) English 101:A Nation of Vidiots by Jeffrey Sachs Critique Assignment Sheet

(Answered) English 101:A Nation of Vidiots by Jeffrey Sachs Critique Assignment Sheet





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“A Nation of Vidiots” by Jeffrey Sachs


Over the past years, the world has gradually transformed with the growth of electronic mass media. The article, “A Nation of Vidiots” by Jeffrey Sachs addresses the issue of development of electronic media and its impact on people’s lives. The article first appeared in 2011, in the online magazine Project Syndicate (Sachs 441). The essay is an interesting read, as it highlights the effect of electronic media, especially TV on people in the society. Evidence shows that that the growth of media has many adverse effects among individuals.


According to the article, the past half century has experienced the growth of electronic mass media. The introduction of television has changed the society globally. The author argues that the United States was the leader in the spread of television age.  The number of people owning television experienced a major growth in the 1960s as 90% of the households owned a television set compared to the previous 8% in 1950 (Sachs 441). Although, America was experiencing the changes, most of the states seemed to lag behind. Many people in America embraced TV watching as a way of relaxation. According to the article, many people in America spend a lot of time watching television compared to other parts of the world. The author has offered an example of Scandinavia, whereby, the number of people who spend time watching Television is half that of the United States.

The article maintains that the rest of the world can learn on the impact of too much television watching from the United States. It argues that the impact of Television in the United States has been adverse and troubling. One of the effects of heavy Television watching is minimal pleasure (Sachs 441). According to the article, this can be translated as an addiction that has minimal benefits and long-term ill effects.  Another effect of too much television watching in America is decline in social capital (Sachs 442). The article maintains that people have become more isolated and they do not engage in social gatherings. The source also argues that heavy       Television watching has had mental and physical effects. For instance, America has high obesity cases compared to other parts of the world.  The rate of obesity in America is triggered by many factors among them too much television watching (Sachs 442). The author also maintains that Television has also encouraged the spread of political propaganda. According to the article, children under two years should avoid watching Television as it may affect their mental development.


From the start of the article, it is apparent that many people in America are television addicts. The author starts off by offering the history of television viewing among individuals in America. It is a good start as it helps the reader to have clear understanding of the changes that have taken place over the years in regards with electronic media. For instance, the author offers the changes that took place from 1950 to 1960 in regards to people who owned television during that time (Sachs 441). It shows that within a period of one year the

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