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Is Othello’s race a key factor in his fall?

Is Othello’s race a key factor in his fall?

Is Othello's race a key factor in his fall?


In Shakespeare's heartbreaking play Othello; many scholars have argued differently on the factors that led to Othello’s downfall. Being a moor of the Venice, Othello’s skin color was described as a black man who was not racially accepted in the culture and society for the whites in Venice (Crawford, 2009). The Othello relationship with Desdemona is one of the instances that portray Othello’s race as a determining factor for his downfall. Many scholars interpret Othello as a white man in the body of a black man. Additionally, acknowledging that Othello is a black who goes against the social norms provides another reason of Moor’s downfall (Hugo, 2004).

Othello’s relationship with Desdemona is brought to fame after the meeting of the two search parties, each looking for Othello for different reasons. The Cassio party with the senate that quickly summons Othello shows his great ability importance as a commander and emphasizes his significance in Venice military. Brabantio and his troop serve to expose the Othello’s secretive character, hither-to unknown. Brabantio is in irritable mood when the two parties meet, but the Othello’s calm words prevent clash from occurring between the two parties (Crawford, 2009). Moreover, the Duke ordered Othello to appear before him and at the same time Brabatio’s appeal is in the senate.

Therefore, Othello appears before the duke in the capacity of both the military General of the state, and as an eloper with Brabatio’s daughter. Brabatio, Othello’s old friend and admirer unexpectedly become Othello’s a

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