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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

‘The human brain is just an outdated computer that needs a faster processor and a bigger hard drive.’ This phrased sourced from an online article titled, Is Google Making Us Stupid? captures Nicholas Carr’s deep sentiments concerning how Google’s progressive development has altered man’s entire though processing system. Carr argues that the current generation has been robbed of the deep, intricate and unique essence of reading which was devoid of distractions and allowed one to indulge in deep thinking. As such, the availability of immense sources of diverse information on the net through systemic algorithms developed by Google have resulted in situations where previously ardent readers simply skim over provided content.

The author begins by quoting a couple of phrases from a futuristic film where a machine projects human like emotions as its information processing circuits are disrupted by its owner, a man (Carr). From the very first paragraph to the article’s finale, Carr builds upon his credibility with personal introspections, discussions with peers and honest sources towards detailing convincing statistics and facts while also intellectually utilizing emotional appeal to support his claims. This essay seeks to present a succinct rhetorical analysis on the projected ethos, pathos and logos in Carr’s work.

It is interesting how Carr associates his perceptions to what Google is doing

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