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Essay on inventory Risks assessment

Essay on inventory Risks assessment



Community threats are factors that negatively affect the routine livelihoods of community members. Internal threats are the factors that are within the community while external threats are those factors that are at the environs of a given community (Wallace, 2006). This paper identifies possible internal and external threats in our community and the measures that can be employed to minimize them.

Internal Community Threats

  1. Fire dispatch

This is a station that is mandated to respond to fire incidents in the community. In our community, this sector is managed by the police department. However, this fire dispatch sector is rarely equipped with an adequate number of dispatchers, thereby posing great risks to the community. To be precise, the few fire dispatchers are constantly authorized to take care of other duties both in the police and fire sectors. For example, answering all calls in the police station and also to serve clients such as those paying fines, purchasing dog licenses and distributing overnight parking. The fire dispatch station is left almost without anyone to respond to any fire emergency that may occur in the community.

What I have done to minimize it

First, I have held discussions with the police chief and city administrator concerning prioritizing job duties of the dispatchers. This includes not allowing the dispatcher to exit the dispatch area in order to attend other duties, such as those which should be done by the secretarial staff. Secondly, I suggested the police chief and the city administrator concerning updating the phone system, a system that will allow phone menus to be transferred to specific person or department in the police station.  The system will automate the phone answering system or information that can be provided without adding non-essential duties to the dispatcher.

  • Call back personnel

Call back is a situation where the personnel on duty calls the off duty personnel to man the station especially when the fire incidents overwhelms him or her.  In the past sixteen years, our residency boarders have expanded forcing the fire personnel to live up to thirty kilometers away from the station. When these personnel happen to be called back by the on duty personnel, most of them find it tiresome to walk back to the station due to this long distance. Recently, politics has allowed the residency requirement to increase exponentially. This has lowered the turnout of personnel to respond during a call back.

What I have taken to minimize it

In the recent past, I have suggested to the city administrators to offer allowances such as house allowance or any other benefits that would make the employees accept living closer to the station. This offer would have much effect with this issue, and am optimistic that most fire personnel would opt to live within or closer to the fire station.

In addition, The department has created run cards that would bring units from other communities, and back fill stations when a fire incident happen to empties our station. 

3.    Training

This involves Incorporating similar training and operational guidelines between departments. The today’s fire service needs to incorporate staffing from other communities to ensure the safety and manageable operation. In addition, due to the integration of other departments, the Standard Operating system should be similar between departments.our MABAS division is developing an SOG for “rescue task force” in the integration of an Active Shooter incident. We could have an ambulance team up with other communities to create an RTF team. The training, objective and procedures should be if not similar but identical for the rescuer’s safety but also for the people we are trying to save.

What I have done to minimize it

The MABAS division has been meeting to define, organize and implement a “Rescue Task Force” SOG for the departments.

External Community Threats

1.    Grants

These are amounts of money, items or resources that are given to an individual, sector, organization or a state in order to facilitate a smooth running of operations. The fire department in our community relies on these grants from external sources in order to facilitate its services to the community. This is because, State politics has handcuffed the municipalities to only raise taxes tied to the cities growth rate and restricted the ability to add service fees without consequential deduction of that fee from the tax levy.  For example, the fire department budget is restricted to always have zero percent increase, making it have insufficient funds to finance its operations, which then force it to look for alternative source of funds such as grants. 

What I have done to minimize it

Our department is made up of three “paid on call fire fighters, twenty-four fire fighters, three Captains and a Chief. When writing proposals for grants, our department has be identified as a combination department because this would enable us to be put in the same category as a volunteer department. Sixty-nine percent of the volunteer departments make up the fire service for the United States (, 2014).

However, due to the reality of the situation, we are less likely to receive a grant compared to a volunteer department.  Recently, the fire department has decided to not to fund the “paid on call” program in the department since the cost of the three POC firefighters amounts to twenty-eight thousand dollars in our budget. This will enable us to be identified as “full time” departments giving us a better chance in gaining grant awards.

2.    Budget

A budget is the quantitative expression of expenditures that are anticipated within a given period. The departmental employees are aggressive in utilizing funds efficiently. In addition, most employees are not accountable in spending the department funds, and they lack quality assurance and innovative ideas of generating funds, and this has resulted to poor quality of departmental services.

What I have done to minimize it

Increasing “quality assurance” training to all officers has been suggested and implemented. Quality Assurance will monitor the department’s ability to ensure that quality services are delivered by the employees to the community. Moreover, the management`s decision of increasing employee’s accountability would make them innovative and aggressive in coming-up with ideas of generating funds such as increasing ambulance billing.

3.    Public Perception / Customer Service

Customer service is the provision of services to customers before, during and after the purchase. Some employees had been responding rudely to clients, either through calls or when delivering the services to them.

What I have done to minimize it

Training employees to be polite and determined when serving clients as this would increase the latter`s trust to the department. The employees are sensitized to remember they are employed to serve those clients and failure to do so would beat the purpose of why they are employed. It is stupid for employees enjoy for a short duration for acting against the accepted code of conduct, and then in the next minute be fired because of the same (Snook, Gasaway & Holman, 2011).


It is, therefore, evident that taking care of the above internal and external community threats would reduce risks in the community to greater extents.

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