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Intra Agency Political Agency

Intra Agency Political Agency

Intra-Agency Political Agency


Persons working in organizations and in local government normally deal with similar community challenges, serve similar customers, and have the capacity to support one another. Although the viewpoints of the two sectors are normally different, they are possibly supplementary. Therefore, should work to realize a common good (Lawler 13). Local authority officials have crucial resources for handling problems in the public. They can also use public funds to deal with emerging challenges in the community. They can also shape and regulate behaviours in the society by passing laws. Similarly, the organization also possesses crucial resources. Additionally, they have insights and expertise acquired through concentrating on explicit public issues and client groups. Furthermore, they can constantly provide private donations and volunteers more efficiently as compared to the government (Bratton and Gold 35). They can normally work with advanced flexibility and speed as compared to government agencies when reacting to new circumstances or initiating new programs.

Roles and responsibility of the organization

Understanding the responsibility and roles of each individual is important for every organization because it encourages good governance (Bratton and Gold 39). The organization management, employee and other stakeholders must have a sophisticated and clear knowledge of their duties within a hierarchy. The responsibilities within the firm are well d

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