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International Student Engagement in Higher Education Essay

International Student Engagement in Higher Education Essay

International Student Engagement in
Higher Education


Engaging international students in higher not only enhances
diversity in education, but also makes learning interesting. The engagement of
international students breaks the barriers in higher education that have impact
on contemporary lifestyles. For instance, it eliminates unethical issues
including racial and cultural diversity. Moreover, it globalizes education by
enabling students to interact irrespective of their location in the world. Practically,
it enhances exchange of ideas thus making learning easier and interactive. Therefore,
the engagement of international students in higher education can assist
learners to compare their curriculum with other curriculums offered globally.
This way, the learners can help their institutions improve education in higher
learning institutions (Heale, Pawson & Solem, 2010). 

Literature Review

Coates (2005) indicates that the extent to which students are
engaged determines the quality of learning in higher learning institutions. He
further states that students perceive higher education as a way of realizing
their attachment to the external world. Students take the engagement process as
a challenge to determine their level of education. In most cases, students
value the engagement process as something essential in their lives in the
higher learning institutions. On the other hand, Turner (2008) explains that friendship
networks enable international students to cope with stress. Students with more
social support tend to excel in their higher education studies as compared to
the isolated students. Turner states that students undertaking their higher
education studies tend to appreciate the making friendship networks with
students from other countries more than they do with students from their host

of the challenges to the engagement of international students in higher
learning institutions is the perception of being the minority in an institution
dominated by students from one country. Moreover, adapting to customs of the host
nation is difficult to many international students since they may not get
enough social support by the majority group from the host nation. As a result, the
students are likely to feel isolated and learning in different environment from
their homeland. In turn, this may reduce their participation in vital activities
that contribute to learning and personal development in the higher learning
institutions. For this reason, they neglect the social element of the higher
learning and concentrate on academic achievement. On the contrary, higher
learning is not about academic achievement alone. Higher learning should
involve wholesome development of the learners (Jones, 2010).  

of the Research Problem

of international students is an essential element of higher educat

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