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International Business Report: Burger King in China

International Business Report: Burger King in China


International Business Report: Burger King in China

The objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To give students the opportunity to identify real world international business problems
  • To conduct research in specific area of international business in greater depth than that achieved in lectures and case discussions
  • To apply IB theories, analytical frameworks, and class learning to the international activities of a real company
  • To give students practice in presenting and pitching a recommended IB strategy to “clients”
  • To simulate teamwork and communication skills that are increasingly important in the business world


  • Treat this as a consulting assignment and pretend that you are pitching a consulting solution to the company you have chosen. Be specific about your audience. Who are you pitching to?
  • Selecting your company and IB strategy
  • The key to a good IB project (any project) is the ability to identify a market / operation / management opportunity or challenge (a.k.a problem statement) and using this
  • problem statement as means to determine the appropriate IB strategy.
  • Opportunities / challenges can be (examples only): diversify product / service portfolio for risks, drive new market/ sales growth, identify opportunities for cost efficiency, access to talent / resources, streamline supply chain, manage existing in-
  • country problems, enhance organizational learning

Report Must Include:

  1. An overarching problem statement and any “sub-problems” (2 pages, double spaced)
    1. What are the main problems of Burger King in China? Be specific !!!! (Also, a objectives)
    1. Deep analysis, why should Burger King do this? What data or lessons learned to support this view? Be specific, don’t just talk about it in general

I have completed the Project Proposal of this project before. Please be sure to read the

Project Proposal before writing the report. Project Proposal includes brief objectives of

Burger King in China. Please make sure that the overall idea of the report you write is

consistent with it, but it is more detailed and/or supported with data. (Better to have data

support) Thanks!

Project Proposal


On a global standard, the fast food industry had capitalized at $540 billion (USD). Is projected to cross $690 billion (USD) in 2022 and develop at a compound annual growth rate of 4.2% from 2017 to 2022. This is due to mass production, popularity of drive thru function, western fast food in emerging economies, and trendy lifestyle. In other words, due to current trends both economically and demographically, the western fast food industry will continue to expand.


The main problem with Burger King is that their international strategy and expansion towards the Chinese market, does not translate as well compared to others in the industry. This can be due to the lack of diversification of their products, meeting local taste, or struggling to compete against local vendors/restaurants. Therefore it is critical to develop and adjust their menus to meet native taste.

Project Objective

Unlike its competitors, Burger King had taken an ethnocentric approach to the Chinese fast- food market, but because of their absence of product diversification and cultural understanding, Burger King should change to a polycentric approach to align with their Chinese consumer base.


It is important to ask questions around how Burger King can increase revenue and gain a competitive advantage in the market. It is important to put the brand in a positive light, therefore, researching how they can appeal to their target market and what objectives they should set.

  1. How should Burger King conduct marketing research to understand consumer’s needs?
  2. How does the CAGE framework highlight what struggles Burger King is going through in China?
  3. How have their competitors been effective in their marketing strategies compared to burger king (McDonald’s, KFC, etc)?
  4. What types of competitive advantages does Burger King have?

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