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Intelligence-Final Exam

Intelligence-Final Exam

terrorist attack occurred in Mountsfield Park downtown. The suspects of the
crime managed to paralyze the activities taking on within the park. The
terrorists are staged to have engaged with a boy in the park. Later he killed
him and made away without any course of alarm since those who were in the
scenario is cited to have been frightening.   

of the Scene

terrorist took hostage of the boy and harmed the boy using a blunt object that
later resulted in his demise. A woman called the police informing of a crime
taking place at the café. Also, the authorities that are employed to parade and
detect any uncalled for movements and sounds was made. Hence, both the alarm
and the phone call made by the civilian raised the alarm. Hence it was easy to
identify the child even before he made gasps before being taken to the
hospital. From a professional perspective, this i

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