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Essay on Integrated Disability Management Program

Essay on Integrated Disability Management Program

Integrated Disability Management Program

Integrated disability management standard and procedure

1. Purpose

               Our company is committed to establishing safe occupational environment whereby all employees are equally valued.   In order to support employees in their tasks performance, accommodation is based on physical abilities. Provision of accommodation will be administered in a way that employee participation and integration is maximized in the workplace (Quaigrain & Issa, 2018).

2 Scope

The procedure applies to the entire workforce.


Occupational disabilities refer to all cases arising from work event and may be either physical or psychological in nature.

Non-occupational disabilities consist of injuries, illnesses or conditions of both psychological and physical nature not work-related. They are managed by formal employer policies and with legislation (Gensby, Labriola, Irvin, Amick & Lund, 2014)

3 Operation guidelines

  1. Administrative procedure
  2. Work transition plan
  3. Case management
  4. Training
  5. Records.
  6. Review and revision.



3.1.1 The role of the program is to:

  1. Establishment and maintenance of a consistent and fair procedure for dealing with the needs of ill and injured employees
  2. Accommodation of employees through the work plans when necessary.
  3. Work modification or the workplace, to facilitate an accommodative environment for disabled employees (Quaigrain & Issa, 2018).
  4. Return the worker to their previous position and job location where necessary.


3.2.1 The Employer will:  

  1. Educating the workers on the Disability Management Program, early intervention, wellness support, workplace accommodation and the work plan programs

3.2.2 The Attendance and Disability Management Officer (ADMO)

  1. Maintenance of continuous relationship with the Supervisor and employee
  2. Medical documentation assessment of employee

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