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Indian Culture Essay

New Delhi, India

Republic of India is situated in southern Asia and it is a member of Commonwealth of Nations.  Most communities in New Delhi, India practices traditional caste system. There are more than fourteen languages in India but Hindu and English are official business languages for communication. Besides, there are approximately three hundred minor languages spoken in New Delhi (Cambie, & Ooi, 2009).  More than 80 percent of Indians practice Hindu religion, 12 percent - Islam and 2 percent - Christianity while other minor religions make up 5 percent.. Men are allowed to wear a suit and tie for business while women are expected to wear pantsuits (Gesteland, & Gesteland, 2010). In addition, men can dress casually in short-sleeved shirts while women are expected to keep their legs, chest and upper arms covered all the time (Messner, 2009).

The Indian culture prohibits touching someone’s head because the head is considered the seat of the soul. In addition,

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