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Independence Quest essay topics examples

Independence Quest essay topics examples


Independence is the aspect of a state or nation whereby its citizens have the authority to exercise self-government within their territory. To attain independence is challenging as it requires courage, self-sacrifice and stamina of those who quest it (David Pp. 61-66). However, after attaining independence, most of the developments may concentrate more on some regions leading to the emergence of cities and countryside. The life of residents in these two regions is different in terms of survival tactics, exposure, economic activities, dressing, and modes of thing among others. This paper pays high attention to the Domingo Sarmiento`s thought of life in the Latin America during the 19th century and the kind of society that he believed the Latin Americans were molding for themselves.

Domingo Sarmiento considered life of Latin Americans into two categories, which is the barbaric and civilized. The barbaric life is rooted in the countryside and is characterized by violence, lack of politeness, intelligence, education, poor dressing, lack of organization and unity among the residents. Civilized life is evident in the cities and is characterized by well organization and togetherness of residents, established laws to guide them, developments and embrace education (Domingo 1845).

Domingo believed the Latin Americans would create an organized and united society through their collaboration with one another. The Latin Americans much condemn hatred between themselves at all cost. Collaboration would harmonize individual strengths and capabilities to form an active and strong society that cannot be easily defeated by external pressures. For example, men in the cities are civilized while those in the countryside are not; the latter are physically intelligent due to the numerous obstacles that they encounter (Domingo 1845). Harmonization of these skills can make the Latin Americans achieve much in their lives.


It is, therefore, attested that the life of Latin Americans living in the cities and those in the countryside is different. Organization and unity between men is necessary in order for the Latin American`s society to achieve the best.

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