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Implementing New Information System Essay

Implementing New Information System Essay

Implementing a new Information System

Implementing the new information system in the organization requires strategic plans. Critical activities involve the allocation of resources in order to convert strategic plans to achieve business goals. In the implementation phase, my role as a CIO will encompass allocation of resources to the organization such as money, time, information, and people (Connelly, Dalton, Murphy, Rosales, Sudlow & Havelka, 2016). The CIO will participate in assignment of resources to information system resources based on firmly centralized, controlled plan by goal setting and allowing the junior managers to engage in making decisions related to resource distribution (Basu, 2015). The CIO will also recruit specialized personnel to deal with management of data. Human resources play a critical part in guaranteeing the success of the project.

The implementation of information system will entail integration of processes, technology, and users to deliver a certain goal. All stakeholders in the information system will be consulted since they utilize software and hardware in a network format to analyse raw data into beneficial information (Connelly, Dalton, Murphy, Rosales, Sudlow & Havelka, 2016). The execution will also need material goods, which vary at different stages. For instance, hardware in the system units will be required such as laptop, desktop, towers. Similarly, technical infrastructure including IT equipment, switches or cabling as well as machinery or equipment. Other peripheral device entails use of monitors and keyboards (Basu, 2015). On the other hand, software resources include t

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