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Essay on Impact of the Internet on Education Examples

Essay on Impact of the Internet on Education Examples


My research study involves the influence of the internet on educational process and performance of students at all levels of education. Most of the articles that I used in my research were published in an academic journal. Some of the reasons why preferred using the peer reviewed articles includes the assurance of the validity of the research done. Researchers who publish their articles in the academic journals are more cautious in their research and hence the findings are more accurate.

            Some of the informative articles on the influence of the internet on the education system includes a research study conducted by Singh, O’Donoghue, & Worton, 2005) on the use of internet I the education sector. The researchers identified the effects of the internet on the learners, the institutions and the teachers as well. The research study noted that, eLearning helps the students to become more independent, eLearning helps the institutions in reducing the operational costs since they don’t have to build many lecture halls.

Ben Youssef, Adel; Dahmani &Mounir, 2008, in their publication on the impacts of information communication technology on the performance of the university students also provides an importance information about the effects of internet on the education sector. The researcher pointed out that, information communication technology affects the higher education in a major way. The researchers observed a movement shift in the way students relates to each other and even to their teachers.

Helou, 2014 publication on the impact of the social media on performance of the university students conducted in the university of Malysia, the researcher pointed out an interesting information about how the students interactivity with both teachers and to their fellow students help to improve the students’ performance.

In the research study identified that, the social networking sites affects the learning process in a positive and negative ways, the researcher pointed out that the students use of the internet to socialize affects negatively their performance especially when they become addicted to it (Osunade, 2003). However, the respondent’s agreed that the internet helps them in communicating with their fellow students and the lecturers as well and this helps improve the education.

The first two articles are published by the universities presses where the authors are lecturers. The last two articles are published by professional organizations that is business and a technological organization. International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies and Journal of Information Systems Research and Innovation respectively.

The researcher in the last two articles is research focused, in his research study they have a literature review that describing the various studies that have been done concerning the same problem. The practitioner has used various methods of data collection and have analyzed the data collected using various data analysis methods.

After the analysis, the researcher has made a good interpretation of the data and came up with a hypothesis upon which he bases his recommendations. On the other hand the practitioners of the first two articles are teaching based, the practitioners conducted an analytical research on various studies conducted before on the issue.

The researchers did not conduct a firsthand research, thus their findings are dependent on the findings of other researchers. The research is aimed to analyze the effects of the internet on education system thus making it more to reliable to the learners. To make their work more reliable, the researchers has cited various scholars who have worked on the similar problems before.  


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