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Impact of globalization increased mobility, migration, and ethnicity

Impact of globalization increased mobility, migration, and ethnicity







                Globalization can be defined as an interactive process between people organizations businesses and even governments across the world. Globalization enables firms and firms to tap into the global market ship goods and material across the globe. Some people consider it a form of capitalism expansion that entails the interaction of economies, both local and global regulating market economy.

There has been an advancement of globalization over the years, especially in transportation and communication technology, and has also led to the increase and growth of international trade, the creation of new ideas, and learning of other cultures. Trade, travel, and travel have laid a platform for a collective experience for people everywhere.

            Migration has always been there for long people have often moved from their homes in search of more favorable economic opportunities. Globalization has turned the tables around and put a new spin on global migration. With that comes both positive and negative impacts on both people traveling and goods.

Immigration, especially of people, has been mainly due to the lack of job opportunities in their own countries or labor markets. Others migrate because the wedges in other countries are higher. This migration increases the workforce that partly compensates for the low participation of the native population leading to growth and economic prosperity.

            With the vast migration and globalization, there has been an emergence of other job opportunities. As migrants move into a country, he or she is a consumer of different services and supplies, thus creating a demand (Triandafyllidou 2018 ). And with the demand comes with job opportunities where one can solve the demand at a cost hence earning a livelihood.

With the increase in migration, there is also an increase in diversities and origin points. People all over the world from different races, cultures, and ethnicity are bound to meet, thus the improvement of exploration, creating a comprehensive platform to learn about other cultures, languages, and religions. It makes people appreciate different cultures, races, and religions more.

            On the other side, with the positive impact that globalization has made on migration and ethnicity, there are also negative impacts on the same. As the movement of people from many diversities grows, migrants bring their customs and behaviors to the receiving countries.

As a result, smaller communities are created of the original culture; for example, china town in New York City and Los-Angeles, a community for the Chinese migrants living in the United States. However, a multi-cultured society may be threatening to the native-born citizens, which can cause bitterness among the citizens and can trigger social conflict (Castles 2000). Prejudgment and discrimination, Racism, and marginalization are also involved. The migrants are often seen as suspects and criminals

            It is without a doubt that globalization is increasing, and it is clear that it is an excellent idea to boost the economy among different countries by creating new markets and more job opportunities globally. There is still much improvement in the regulations as far as globalization is concerned.

There should be laws that are to regulated and consider the welfare of both the migrants and the native-born. With the realization of globalization, ethnicity has been dramatically boosted, and people are learning to appreciate themselves and their origin. It has also created a platform to expose their cultures and language to the world and make people appreciate them.


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