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Why Human resource managers would be interested in SHRM

Why Human resource managers would be interested in SHRM


Executive summary

Human resource managers have various strategic roles that must be played within an organization to ensure its success and competitive advantage. Strengthening the relationship among employees is a key strategic role that human resource managers should be perform within an organization. Employees form an indispensible part an organization that lead to its success. Moreover, if employees are not in good terms with their managers or they are unsatisfied with their jobs, the organization may not have a competitive advantage. Therefore, human resource managers should formulate effective workforce strategies that will in meeting its goals and objectives. The report will address some of the strategic roles played by the human resource managers in today’s workplace, the possibility for advancing their careers through professional certifications, and how professional membership can be beneficial to support the roles of the HR.

Work place safety

Creating a suitable working environment for employees free from hazards is a key strategic role that every HR should be play. Strategic development that would lead to workplace safety includes risk management and striving to reduce possible losses as result of injuries. Hence, the HR should consider compensation insurance as a strategic plan that would help in minimizing workplace associated risks. Further, this strategy will help in lowering the organization’s costs for insurance coverage.

Compensation and benefits

Human resource managers should play a strategic role in ensuring that the employees are well compensated. Employer’s benefits, as well as compensation structure is one of the determinants of an organization’s competitive advantage and success. Moreover, the decisions made by the HR in relation to the benefits for employees and pay scales may have a great impact on employees’ motivation and satisfaction. Some of the strategic plans that should be considered by the HR for compensation and benefits includes workforce shortages, job evaluation, budgets constrains and conditions in the labor market.

Employee training

The strategic roles for the HR in relation to employee development and training help employees to advance their careers and prepare for organization’s future positions. Employees’ promotion and performance appraisal is key strategic role that HR should play.

Local Professional Membership

This report has identified SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) as an established local chapter in Illinois (Bloomington #0064). The purpose and the functionality of this chapter is to develop the HR’s professional, as well as personal development to develop their leadership, public speaking abilities, enhance their decision making skills, as well as managerial abilities.

LINK: http://apps.shrm.org/www/chapters/displaychapters.asp

Why HR would be interested in SHRM

Human resource managers are usually interested in belonging to this chapter to help the organization become more competitive through the use of this chapter. The chapter contains vast resources to address problems, exchange ideas, access data and information on local market, as well as sharing their concerns. Further, the chapter helps the HR in expanding their professional competence, as well as their knowledge in managing an organization.  

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