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How to select a perfect roommate?

How to select a perfect roommate?



A roommate is a person that individual shares a room, bathroom, kitchen, cooking and sometimes bed among others. Selecting a roommate arises mostly in situations such as when joining colleges, work places church missions among others. However, to find a perfect room is challenging and requires serious considerations of various factors to avoid a situation where one would collide with his or her roommate. In most cases, people complain about adverse behaviors that they have even experienced or are still experiencing from their roommates. Some of these behaviors include smoking, alcohol addicts, avoiding duties such as cleaning utensils, wiping the room among others.

Process of selecting a perfect roommate

The step involves identifying individuals who can be potential roommates and draw a list of them. The process of indentifying these individuals involves the selecting them according to one`s past experience. For example, one can select individuals who were long time friends, school mates, and gender among others. Past experience can assist in indentifying potential roommates since one has even encountered them or associated with them (March & Accord, 2006).

The second step involves contacting the selected individuals and meeting tem one at a time in order to establish whether they have the required qualities. For example, one can contact the individuals and meet for a cup of tea just to have a situation where one can contact them. The first impression dictates much about someone and thus, they way these individuals would present themselves one can know some of their behaviors (March & Accord, 2006).

The third step involves comparing the potential roommates interest with one`s interest. For example, one should identify or indirectly ask potential roommates whether they are interested in watching movies, partying, attending church services and others. If the potential roommate does not match these interests, one should avoiding accepting that individual because it can lead to a conflict of interests between them. From there one can select the perfect roommate with a lot of ease (March & Accord, 2006).


It is therefore evident that selecting a potential roommate is a challenging process which should paid the necessary attention by people. The above procedures would help to avoid selecting individuals who are thieves, drug addicts and individuals with poor hygiene. Currently, many teenagers are joining colleges and universities and should be encouraged to undertake the above procedures.


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