How to make homework fun for 1st grade?

As first graders, kids have their hands full since they are still driven by infancy adrenaline. Getting to start school becomes essential, but not all love being in these new environments. In trying to let first graders love their schools, it is essential for parents to become role models and encourage the infants about the good things they will encounter. It is also essential that as a parent one gets involved in encouraging the pursuit of interests other than those found in class to expand the desires of the child. Often at times the desire of the parents collides with those of the kid and parents end up offering too much. For instance, dancing lessons, sports practice, and defensive tournaments, which lead to fatigue. However, all these can be avoided by having a routine of doing homework suitable to the needs of the child. Therefore, in trying to make homework fun for first graders, parents have to take the initiative of initiating their kids into trusting the school system and make them fall in love with the system.

Integrate games

Many things disturb the focus and concentration of children, and they end up being unmotivated. Since many love games, it is essential to integrate some teaching games to entice them into accepting learning. An approach that works for parents to increase the interest of their children loving homework could be smart snacks and mathematics. Dawson reports that when teaching kids numbers and counting having some kids snacks like sweets can drive their desire for learning. Besides, this builds excitement as they expect something whenever they are doing


Include play acts

When trying to source options of how to make homework fun for 1st grade, it is essential that parents create study groups that include the kid’s immediate schoolmates. It is from the unique relationship children develop that can build their confidence in understanding and getting to love homework. Also, it helps in reducing the burden of having to out-think themselves since in a group they can help out each other. Dawson also claims that during interactions and reading it is also advisable that acting out some parts of the study lesson’s readings can help the child in problem-solving. Taking part in homework as partners contribute to the child’s confidence in learning as they learn to appreciate the efforts of other people in their education.

Learning apps

In the accent of technology, getting to make 1st graders love school can be eased by integrating learning apps during their homework sessions. With applications like photo math, kids 4, math 5 and education 6, which bring interactive lessons and solutions to help the kid with homework. With gadgets like tablets (kindle) and smartphones as well as laptops, these present items parents can incorporate in the learning routine of their first graders as they go about accomplishing their homework. Hence, with the help of gadgets children find easy ways of overcoming challenges pushing them into loving school as a way of enjoying themselves.

Psychology approaches

Getting kids to love school, especially first graders it is crucial to involve them in games that envision problems they encounter in life and how to solve them. Another alternative can be through storytelling, bringing out different concepts and letting them figure out solutions to problems similar to the ones they face every day. Because first graders are still developing, breaking down the stories and the role of the games helps in developing their mental capacity to articulate problems while at school (Maziah, Saemah, & Nooraziah, 2015). Therefore, the ability to show first-grade kid ways they can address their homework builds the love for school empowering them to look forward to the following school day.


How to make homework fun for 1st graders is a question that parents and teachers should sit down and discuss to come up with solutions to curb kids falling out of love with the school to pursue other interests. In the early stages of their lives, kids need to be given a foundation to enlightens their future and sets them on a bright road to carry the zeal of respecting education and the atmosphere around. Therefore, it is upon those entrusted with caring for the kids to find routines and schedules to ensure that first graders get fun out of doing their homework.


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