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Homeland Security Strategy Essay

Homeland Security Strategy Essay

Homeland Security Strategy

What would you do to ensure that you are properly prepared for your interview?

I will carry out in depth research on the homeland security strategy employed by the previous manager over his/her tenure and compare it with the strategy recommended by the homeland Security Council. I will also look into literature that gives an accurate view of the current homeland security strategy and protocols currently in place. Thirdly, I will seek advice on the best way forward from stakeholders in the private and public sectors with regard to emergency responsiveness.

What specific steps would you take to feel completely comfortable with strategy concepts during this interview?

I believe it is feasible to implement a sustainable homeland security strategy for this city with a population of over 200,000 residents. My experience as a volunteer with a number of state and federal homeland security agencies has given me a unique opportunity to peruse through numerous peer reviewed books, journal and article couples (White, Burkhart,

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