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Historical data for the key parameters;

Historical data for the key parameters;

Choose a topic that has enough complexity to satisfy Project Assignment #2 (I suggest you read the instructions for Project Assignment #2 before starting this assignment). However, do not choose a topic that is much more complex than required. I have had students use global climate change as a topic which turned out to be much to complicated to complete in the amount of time we have in this class.

Write a one to two page paper (more pages are OK if needed to show data) that includes:

  1. Title page including the name of your project and your name (1 point)
  2. Topic description (4 points)
  3. What is most important about the project and why (2 points)
  4. Historical data for the key parameters; be certain to have enough data and the correct amount of time to show the dynamics of the problem. For example, if the time period is 3 years, then you want at least monthly data if not weekly. I strongly suggest at least 25 data points, but most project will require much more than this to see the dynamic behavior. Finally, don’t give me a web link to the data. Present the data in a graph or table, (graph is better). (15 points)
  5. Scope and objectives for the project (4 points)
  6. Your references in a proper bibliography format (4 points)

Write a professional report including tables and graphs as needed; points will be taken for poor formatting, grammar, spelling, and inadequate content.