Hippie Culture: The Influencers of Modern Fashion-1300 words essay - Essay Prowess

Hippie Culture: The Influencers of Modern Fashion-1300 words essay

Hippie Culture: The Influencers of Modern Fashion-1300 words essay

Research on hippy culture and how it influences fashion.
your final historical research paper should include an introduction with a clear thesis statement, and at least five paragraphs that addresses topic that support your claim. Should include strong conclusion that supports your arguments. The paper should be five pages in length, double space, and uses illustrations, photographs etc

Hippie Culture: The Influencers of Modern Fashion

Peoples culture has its originality and identity. People’s history is enormously involved with evolving fashion. Each year we witness many modifications that come mostly from the original context of fashion. This can be dated back to 1945 after World War II. According to Phillip Johnson “1960s Hippy culture has greatly influenced contemporary fashion from the styles and clothing designs.”Happies also are the first people who hosted the use of second-hand clothing which is widely used in our modern fashion[2]. Hippies are unique people who were against the evolution of cultures, they could not accept influences from other cultures. They had a rich eminence which is witnessed from their styles and unique ways of living. They also had their exclusive clothing designs.  This research discusses hippie’s cultural influences on the modern world fashion and its trend from hippie’s 1960 fashion.

Hippie Fashion Culture at Glance

Very few persons know little about the ethos of hippie and there also very few individuals and groups who looks like the hippy community. But most people have unknowingly copied their traditions in the name of fashion and have ended up copying other hippie’s cultural practices[4]. I am among those people concern about fashion without considering their origin. When I started learning about the culture of hippie, I got an insight into a true reflection on our modern fashion. Checking on the worldwide textile industry, it is ranked among the leading in the economic sector. It is through the hippie’s culture which has influenced the growth of this industry.

Historically, the expression of cultural practices has been done majorly through various ways of lifestyles. During the 19th and 20th centuries, the world witnessed a great rise and fall of many world cultures. It was at this era when many European and American culture groups were formed. Examples here are Beat Generation, Bohemianism, Romanticism, & the 1960’s H

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