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Healthcare Informatics Essay

Healthcare Informatics Essay

Healthcare Informatics

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) is an area that deals with strategies of gathering crucial information from data among different disciplines. The demand for KDD application has increased due to the rapid growth of the online data. KDD utilizes science and technology in statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer programming and database systems (Wickramasinghe, Gupta & Sharma, 2005). There is a wide range of application of data mining in health care since it is useful in drug effectiveness study and disease outbreak.

Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs) are groups of primary care clinicians operating in harmony to solve the community health care problems and use the research findings to initiate programs. PBRNs involve clinicians in evidence-based culture and quality improvements operations aiming to enhance the Americans health.  Currently they serve nearly 15 percent of the Americans populations (Peterson, Lipman, Lange, Cohen, & Durako, 2012). They utilize modern technology in study designs executing and disseminating change in practice and engaging in clinical trials. In this respect, they offer crucial ability to assess the i

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