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Health Traditions Model

Health Traditions Model
Health Traditions Model entails a number of interrelated components of traditional methods for restoration, maintenance and protection of health. Health traditions model develops a holistic approach and research to health care on traditional methods with the key focus on mental, spiritual and physical health (Spector, 2014). The model advocates for balance of these aspects of health in which their imbalance results to illness. The state of balance in these traditional methods should prevail in the community, the families and individuals. In order to maintain, protect and restore health, traditions methods require a proper individual-cultural health background understanding. The traditional methods can be used alone or in conjunction with modern medical care practices (Spector, 2014).
Traditional Healers
Rahmatullah & Biswas (2012) classifies traditional healers into three categories; the traditional doctor who is a male that treats diseases using medicinal preparations. The second one is usually a female who acts, as medium with ancestors in a supernatural context, and the third is the faith healer that plays a role in integration of religious rituals and traditional practices they all assist in treatment of illness as traditional healers. For instance treatments used by these traditional healers in a diabetic patient include administra

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