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Health Policy Formulation and Analysis Essay

Health Policy Formulation and Analysis Essay

Health Policy Formulation and Analysis


It is sufficient to appreciate that healthcare providers like nurses, clinicians, physicians, as well as pharmacists encounter situations where low literacy levels translate to obstacles in optimized care outcomes. This call for policy towards desirable health literacy levels and its analysis upon implementation focused on appraising patient abilities to acquire, process, and comprehend general information on health and services necessary to reach good healthcare related decisions.

Part I

Problem Recognition

Research undertaken by Rasu et al. (2015) provides that only 12% of adults in the U.S have an appropriate level of health literacy while 53% and 22% bear intermediate and fundamental degrees of health literacy respectively. The remaining 14% of Americans report low health literacy (LHL) levels. This implies that among persons with LHL, 50% of healthcare costs arise from undermined literacy effects translating into an extra 237 billion dollars in health related costs (Rasu et al., 2015). This underscores the need to formulate health policy targeting improvements in health literacy levels via appropriate strategies.

Evidence of the Problem

Numerous research studies on the healthcare issue indicate the seriousness of LHL in undermining the overall healthcare outcomes of a significant portion of American populace. According to Rasu et al. (2015), it not only results in poor healthcare utilization and runaway costs but also leads to especially poor health statuses among the elderly. National institutions and organizations have responded in a positive manner by taking the stand to prioritize health literacy as a major agenda towards improving safety and quality of care outcomes across all demographic groups in the U.S.

Alternative Solutions to the Issue

It appears that there are other ways with which healthcare literacy across the country can be appraised. For instance, it is possible to incorporate health literacy and clear communication into all public health spheres such as funding, planning, research, evaluation, and policy development (CDC 2014). The objective of this alternative solution is to commit more of existing resources towards addressing and prioritizi

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