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Health for prisoners Essay

Health for prisoners


Prisons and jails in the US house over two million people from diverse backgrounds. Among the prison populations are persons living with HIV/AIDS which compounds the health problems affecting uninfected prisoners. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2014), one in seven people living with the condition pass through the American prison system each year. A majority of these individuals acquire HIV/ AIDS prior to passing through the prison system. Prisoners are thus faced with higher risk factors of contracting and transmitting the disease while in incineration, a cause for epidemiological concerns. This is generally due to the prevalence of the use of inject-able drugs, mental illness, prostitution, poor social economic and education backgrounds (Wilper et al. 2009). This paper seeks to discus health for prisoners given that the risk of contracting and transmitting HIV/AIDS is comparatively higher with respect to conditions prevailing in prisons and jails in the US creating a need to improve on HIV/AIDS prevention as a social policy.

Demographic data

Black men are seven times more likely to pass through the prison system as compared to white men and women. They are also 2.5 times more like to be incarcerated as compared to people from the Latino population (CDC, 2014). The statistics for black women are considerably lower with the gender having an incarceration rate that is only three times that witnessed with white females. The ratio of black women to Latino women passing through prison is two to one.

According to the CDC (2014), nearly 22,

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