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Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns Sample Essay

Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns Sample Essay


Theory or theorist review:Functional Health Patterns

  • The “Functional Health Patterns Framework” by Gordon’s is usually an approach that was improvised by Marjorie Gordon in the year 1987.

  • It comprises a series of approximately eleven functional health patterns that act as a platform towards developing a standard and relevant nursing database. Therefore, it provides an important platform that is used to establish a comprehensive assessment of the patients.

  • The theory was developed by a theorist and a professor, Marjory Gordon. Her reputation as a professional and outstanding leader in the nursing profession in the American context.

  •  The use of these health patterns, it becomes possible for the nurses to create a systematic, as well as, a standardized approach towards collecting data (Health Patterns, 2015).

  • Further, it enables the nurse to establish the necessary health aspects especially as one tries to determine the actual health issue facing an individual who seeks medical attention.

Background of the theorist

  • First, the theorists who owned and developed the theory was Marjory Gordon. From a professional perspective, she was a nursing th

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