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Globalization and glocalization Essay topics

Globalization and glocalization Essay topics

Globalization and glocalization


This paper discusses the concept of sociological evolution between the relationship of sociology and globalization. In addition, it also traces the history and the development of glocalization as a concept, which was initially used in japan as famous business strategy. The paper also examines a broad range concept, theories, and paradigms in sociology and the problems of sociological application in the western culture to the local contexts including Malaysia and Singapore (Haque 2004).

It is tedious to locate the origin of concepts, theories, and ideas such as globalization as used in social sciences. In Singapore, globalization is a sinister process that involves almost everything in their life while others view it as a heroic process, which involves a path towards economic growth and modernization. Globalization theory attempts to explain the emergence and development of the global social and cultural system. On the other hand, sociology has been defined as the study of global society. With different definitions of globalization and sociology, many writers have differed in their opinions about the two concepts. This paper aims to explore various definitions of the two concepts from different writers. It also explores various relations between the two concepts as used in the literature (Haque 2004).

Literature review

Globalization study tries to address the interrelationships of broad processes of

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