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Global Warming Essay

Global Warming


Global warming is the slow, continuous rise in the mean hotness of the earth’s outermost sphere that results mainly from human activities (anthropogenic sources) and sometimes from natural factors (Archer, 5). Recent findings by scientists and scholars globally have established that this gradual change in the earth’s hotness may have several detrimental outcomes. Therefore, measures need to be in place to counter the complex situation that has been of great concern to humankind (Goldstein, 4). It develops because of high concentration of gases like carbon dioxide and methane in the earth’s space, where they form a thick layer, which alters the rays of the sun from being reflected from the earth’s surface back to space (Singer and Dennis, 7). Instead, this layer reflects back the sunrays that have been diverted to the surface of the earth therefore resulting in a continuous growth of warmth in this planet.

Causes of Global Warming

Scientists have identified several causes of global warming. The first major cause is the carbon dioxide gas and other air pollutants, which have accumulated in the earth’s space and form a thick film of air that eventually traps the heat of the sun and leads to the planet warming (Archer, 18). Various human activities have been noted to compile carbon in the earth’s atmosphere and exert pressure on our space (Singer and Dennis, 10). They include activities such as combustion of fossil fuels like petroleum, coal and gas obtained naturally for energy, reckless cutting down of trees in the forests and burning them so as to create more space for economic expansion such as farming as well as creating more space for settlement due to massive population growth (Goldstein, 9).

Furthermore, agricultural activities have made the situation worse by injecting other gases such as methane with the capability to cause global warming (IPCC 4<

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