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Global Strategy for Nike


Global Strategy for Nike

Corporate strategy by Nike is aimed at creating a diversified plan for producing and marketing its products globally. The strategy is meant to coordinate the operations of the company’s subsidiaries globally. The coordination of the subsidiaries’ operations is accompanied by a diversified market and labor. Cultural practices of different geographical regions may affect the market for certain products hence the diversification of labor (Kern et al, 26). For example, people in India prefer cricket to basketball; which is supported by many people in the United States. Therefore, cricket sporting goods can be customized to cultural preference of Indians and still maintain global standards. This is the reason for the diversification in the corporate level of its operations (Dess, 34).  

Nike use internationalization strategies to produce and market its products at a lower cost. The strategy is economical since some countries like China offer cheap labor as well as large market for the Nike products. The strategy is advantageous to the company since it can market its global brand of products in the 44 countries while continuing with its manufacturing in the countries. The strategy not only works in the countries where Nike manufactures its products but also globally (Jeanett et al, 23). The business level strategy used by Nike is focused on increasing its profitability while still maintaining the quality of products that have built its reputation for many years. Through innovative measures the company produces new products that target its existing customers since it has already created a large customer base worldwide (Cravens and Nigel, 47). The positioning of Nike’s products will attract new customers due to its prosperity in the industry. Its mission advocates for inspiration and innovation for all athletes globally hence the continuous improvement in its business operations (Brennan, 37).    

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