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Essay on Gibbs reflective cycle essay examples

Essay on Gibbs reflective cycle essay examples



Gibbs reflective cycle

Considering every situation in life, learning is a part of an individual’s responsibility. However, the success of learning is achieved through individual’s role in the ownership, and developing a strong sense of responsibility towards the learning process. In all honesty, I had not thought about my self-reflection assessment with respect to my particular learning style.

Nevertheless, my enrollment into the University of Roehampton became my critical cornerstone to embark and refocus on my priorities and abilities to cope with new challenges from hectic schedules and everyday stresses of life. Following this assessment, I was able to define and determine my particular learning style based on my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth while identifying various ways to improve on my weaknesses as presented in this paper.

According to Gibbs reflective cycle of 1988, reflection encourages a clear description of a situation, analysis of feeling, evaluation of experience, analysis to make sense experience, and making conclusions where other options are considered. Subsequently, reflection upon experience such as learning and style of learning helps an individual to examine what one would do if the situation arose again (Ali & Chan, 2016: 278). From this point of view, my self-reflection assessment centers on my development and experience including the various issues that I encountered during the process of acquiring my particular learning style.

Throughout my high school education, I scheduled my studies in the morning hours when I felt mentally aler

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