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Gender and Crime essay

Gender and Crime essay

The article by De Boeck et al., (2017) evaluates the social foundations of gender variation in expected feeling of shame and guilt after delinquent activity. Precisely, it explores the gender difference among teenagers’ expected feelings of shame and guilt for participating in retaliatory violence and shoplifting. It also determines the role of interpersonal association with teachers and parents, conventional gender expectations beliefs and perceived peer crime have varied effects on the magnitude of guilt-shame among females and males (De Boeck et al., 2017).

Theoretical framework

Based on appraisal theories, feelings are provoked by the intuitive evaluation of persons about an object, event or situation. Guilt denotes a self-assessment as being the source of an ethical issue while shame displays the unwanted identity. Criminological theories illustrate that females and males have different expected feelings of guilt and shame after wrongdoing (De Boeck et al., 2017). The sources of such differences have been identified in terms of normative and values prospects linked with the personalities they embrace.<

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