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Gazprom Energy Organization


Gazprom Energy Organization

Russia have a strategic intent in Gazprom energy organization. The organization aims at expanding the natural gas discounts which was earlier only available to strategic partners. Russia have come to the realization that the only way it can maintain revenues emanating from natural gas with the potentiality of global shale bloom is only by locking its clients into not only price competitive but also tie them in long-term deals.

Gazprom energy organization is controlled by the Russian federation though the government owns slightly over 50% of the shares with the rest being owned by other entities. The future of Gazprom reflect the future of Russia’s strategic goals as it will help the Republic shows the European continent that it has the ability to provide customers with guaranteed high volumes as well as low-cost deliveries (Rosner, 2006). In essence, the organization helps Russia create trust among the European consumers and thus afford it the opportunity to supply which is its strategic goals.

There is need to undertake risk assessment and scope management for the organization as even with shared responsibilities and financial risk, failure might occur with one company and affect all the entities involved. Change Control Board need to ensure that the project will not deviate from planned goals and priorities and will ensure little unplanned activities are introduced as the project is being implemented and as such will be given full discretion. This reflect the principle of authority as only the board is given discretion and all the other stakeholders will submit to it. The principle of will be reflected by the Board having to show progress while for accountability will be reflected by regular update on the use of provided finances.


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