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Essay on Frederick Douglass essay examples

Essay on Frederick Douglass essay examples

Frederick Douglass

Part One

In the book, “The life and time of Fredrick Douglass” which was written by Fredrick Douglass explores his early childhood life, his life as a slave, how he escaped from slavery and more importantly, how his life changed from being a slave to a world icon. Apparently, to contemplate the life of Fredrick Douglass, especially from being a slave to a successful man, it is important to examine how he managed to escape from slavery, as well as how his contributions to the abolitionist movement in the United States. His journey to success had been long and challenging, especially by taking into consideration that his mother was a slave and his destiny was to follow suit.

There are myriad of factors which stimulated Fredrick Douglass to escape from slavery, including his own experience as a slave, people, incidents, his reasoning skills and books. Reaching on the decision to escape was not a walk on the park, especially due to the fact that the slave master, Col. Lloyd, has establish strict measures which ensured that no one could have escaped from his plantation.

Fredrick Douglass` experience during his childhood as well as a slave greatly influenced him to make up the decision of escaping from slavery. To start with, he was born in Talbot County which is located on the Eastern Shore in the State of Maryland, a place which all aspects which can be used to describe poverty and a disillusioned state perfect matched it, including the hopelessness of its inhabitants, dilapidation and desert like appearances. He was brought up by his grandmother and grandfather, Betsey and Isaac Bailey respectively. He never got a chance of extensively interacting with his own mother or his father, especially due to the fact that his mother was busy working as a slave in agricultural plantations. His mother would rarely trek on foot for long distances in order to see him and then trek back in order to be on time with her daily tasks in the plantations. His grandparents had six daughters (including his mother), all of which were working as slaves. His father was a white man, and freed soon after his mother conceived. All at this time, Fredrick Douglass was too young to contemplate how life as a slave was, but with time, he came to understand how cruel the life of a slave was.

Precisely, he came to understand that when a slave woman happens to conceived, her child was being left under care of his or her grandparents while the mother returns back to work. The grandparents were mandated to take care of the child until when he or she attains a certain age, after which the child becomes part and parcel of the other slaves as well. Fredrick Douglass followed the same suit, and it was hurting to be detached from his own grandmother, who he had grown strongly believing that she had perfectly stood on the shoes of his mother in bringing him up. That pain of being eliminated from his loved ones by slave mothers was so deep that he felt that he could not bear it anymore, and at the same time, he felt empathy to numerous other children who used to follow the same suit. He also came to learn that the house that his grandparents used to live in, as well as those of the other children in his neighborhood belonged to an old master by name Captain Aaron Anthony, who owed a number of farms in Tuckahoe.

Moreover, numerous incidences also made Fredrick Douglass to make up his decision of escaping from the slave plantation. For example, the real experience of Fredrick Douglass started when he was brought to the home plantation of Col. Lloyd. Here, Douglass came to learn that at the place was the deport for all children who have been born by slave women, and were being raised up to a given age when they would be given task

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