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Essay on Frank Church Symposium Film Summary

Essay on Frank Church Symposium Film Summary


Film Summary


The major theme of the Frank Church Symposium oscillates around sustainable development. Particularly, the major things that Shri Arun K. Singh considers to be of great concern are associated with sustainable development include health, technology, and the environment in the contemporary globalized world. In a bid to analyze the major contents of the video, the essay intends to stipulate some of the most interesting concepts articulated to the audience.

First, there is a comprehensive discussion of the four notable necessities of life. These include water, oxygen, food and companionship. The topic is very interesting especially in the context of the perspective that companionship is part of the necessities of life. From a common ground, the most acknowledged necessities do not include companionship.

According to the video, the bid to ensure that sustainable development, as well as, security prevails is said to require the intervention of a social aspect of the interaction between humans. Human beings, regardless of their local, national or international affiliation are required to merge their efforts to ensure that there is a coherence amongst them. Most importantly, this piece of literature provides that the necessities influence how people interact. However, it is the very people who have the mandate to ensure that the necessities are not in deficit. 

Further, Shri Arun K. Singh focuses on another important issue of power struggles. Unlike most pieces of literature that fail to acknowledge the positive impact of power struggles, the video seems to appreciate the fact that these struggles are responsible for shaping the world in which we live. Democracy particularly shapes the national powers by granting substantial power to the public in the context of decision making. The video, therefore, focuses on contemporary elements that foster sustainable development in the world. 

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