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Foursight Capital LLC – Salt Lake City, UT

Foursight Capital LLC – Salt Lake City, UT


Foursight Capital LLC – Salt Lake City, UT

Presently, the Foursight Capital is seeking for a qualified individual to fill the position of Credit Officer for our Salt Lake City office. The responsibility of a Credit Officer is to process loan applications by assessing the information from the applicants and later document for later use in the auto retail installment contracts. The Credit officer also makes decisions in loan structures and pricing decisions in regard to risks on credit thereby assisting the company to realize the profits from the business.

The candidate must have the ability to assess the creditworthiness by using the multiple resources based on the company’s credit matrix. Besides, a successful candidate must have the ability to endorse the Foursight program, monitor the potential deals, assess and develop the efficiency of dealers, and if necessary identify issues and address them.

Job requirements, but with no limitation to:

  • Manage the relationships with the dealers in order to achieve the company’s objectives of maintaining a product quality
  • Examine the client’s applications and assess the credit bureaus
  • Market and promote our indirect lending options and services
  • Review and monitor the approved applications in order to promote their translation into funded contracts
  • Get diffused in our organizational culture and help promote teamwork and integrity
  • Involvement in plan initiation parallel to the corporate goals
  • Identify the needs of dealers, market conditions, the trends/programs of competitors, and communicate effectively

Required Skills and Experience:

  • A not less than 2 years’ experience in auto credit financing
  • GED or Diploma in High School, a Bachelor’s degree have an added advantage
  • Must have a robust skills in managing relations, marketing, and phone sales
  • Proficient in communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Must establish the ability to make reliable and valid quality decisions
  • Must be enthusiastic and self-motivated
  • Must have the ability to meet objectives within stated deadlines

About this company

Foursight Capital, Finance Company, was founded in 2012 based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Company mainly focuses on ways to finance the auto customers indirectly through relationships with franchise and independent agreements. Guided by this outstanding goal, Foursight always aim at providing the best of services to our dealership partners in order ensure that the needs of its customers are met with the end product.

Foursight Company provides a suitable working environment, benefits, and competitive compensation to its employees in order to maximize every employee’s potential. In addition, every employee at Foursight is empowered through total involvement in decision-making so as to achieve their delegated tasks.

We believe in our employees best work performance, and there is more in life than just work. Therefore, Foursight ensures that the employees have flexible working schedule, opportunities to engage in community, as well as offering a suitable working environment that ensures comfort to our staff in and out of their offices.