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 Forsaken Memorial Health System Essay

 Forsaken Memorial Health System Essay

Forsaken Memorial Health System


Forsaken Memorial Health System requires a comprehensive re-evaluation of current governance mechanism if it is sufficiently serve its 300,000 strong community. It has hired a consultancy firm to assist in the process of charting a way forward. Upon careful evaluations, considerations and investigations, the consultancy firm prepared a report that has apportioned the institution’s overbearing challenges and strategic opportunities into four distinct segments (Hastings, Armitage, Mallinson, Jackson, & Suter, 2014). These include; membership of the board, capacity to handle organizational issues, the relationship with the community and partnership. The consultancy firm has deemed it necessary to formulate a set of questions aimed at attaining considerations and justifications from the leadership on the way forward.

Set of Questions
Membership 1. What is your standpoint concerning benchmarks and qualifications for board membership?
Capacity to handle issues 1. What is your approach on mistakes noted when handling organizational issues?
Community 1. What reputation does the organization have with the community?
2. Are there any systems within the firm that measures relation with the community and how does it work to maintain favorable relations?
3. Do you promote activities oriented towards a community relation program? Do you have a feedback mechanism on such activities?

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