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Food Waste and City Landscaping


Food Waste and City Landscaping

Novella Carpenter had a positive thought towards the major lack of food and the major wastages which were being experienced. To address the above food shortage she came up with the farm city ideas. She explains that in almost all the world cities there are vacant lots where nothing grows but weed alone. All these signs of forsaken neighborhoods she thought of transforming them into viable food production opportunities. In the city farm idea, she was dealing with the idea of food waste and having a more food secure nation.

She transformed the waste land into a productive land which has gone a long way in ensuring food security in the US. After some few years, the blocks from the busy street had turned into an urban farm. For example, there is a little slice of heaven in a rough corner of Oakland where she has planted food stuff. Carpenter tried to spend one July eating only the fresh and the preserved food from her garden. She eats two ear old corncob household decorations. She also ate flowers from the Zucchini plants.

During this July, he climbs onto the roof of an abandoned house also as she could reach the plumps off the tree. Carpenter had lots of diet challenges that July and writes that he missed the intimacy of the garden. The decision of slaughtering and eating the farm animals was also very uncomfortable.  Carpenter has a close connection and devotion to her animals, but she wants to honor them by killing them herself or even witness their deaths. The financial struggles of Carpenter are mentioned briefly as she tries to manage the firms. Novella Carpenter has solved lots of issues which are associated with lack of foods and proper nutrition. Novella Carpenter can be a lasting solution of the bad dieting among the people.

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