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Fisher college CS400 midterm exam


Question 1 (4): A group volunteered to keep a section of highway clean. This is an example of a project. True False QUESTION 2 Ch 1 (16): The sponsor provides the funds to accomplish the project. True False QUESTION 3 Ch 1 (21): The introduction of a new process to ship packages for a firm is an example of a project objective. True False QUESTION 4 Ch 1 (8): Resources are identified and selected during the a. Initiating phase b. Planning phase c. Performing phase d. Closing phase QUESTION 5 Ch 1 (11): While performing work, all the activities in the baseline plan must be performed in accordance to a. What the person responsible for the activity wants to do b. Lessons learned from previous projects c. How the sponsor has completed all their projects in the past d. The project schedule and technical specifications. QUESTION 6 Ch 2 (2): Every project that is identified is selected to be completed. True False 4 points QUESTION 7 Ch 2 (9): The project charter is also called a project authorization or a project initiation document. True False 4 points QUESTION 8 Ch 2 (6): Projects that are not similar cannot be compared when making a selection to move forward with a project. True False 4 points QUESTION 9 Ch 2 (2): An assumption for a construction project could be a. the materials used to construct the building b. a grant will be secured to help fund the project c. the regulations and the codes required for the building d. the size of the building to be constructed 4 points QUESTION 10 Ch 2 (9): The implementation of the new procedure is expected to reduce costs of production by 10% over the next year. This is an example of the ________________ in a project charter. a. acceptance criteria b. project objective c. project description d. success criteria and expected benefits 4 points QUESTION 11 Ch 3 (10): It is unethical to submit an unsolicited proposal to a customer. True False 4 points QUESTION 12 Ch 3 (21): A contractor should only respond to RFPs if they have the required resources already on their staff. True False 4 points QUESTION 13 Ch 3 (36): If the RFP format requirement states a page limit, the customer can reject a proposal that exceeds the page limit without any further review. True False 4 points QUESTION 14 Ch 3 (1): Customers and partner organizations prefer to work with people they a. know are very large with many employees b. know and trust c. know are lean companies with few employees d. have read about 4 points QUESTION 15 Ch 3 (6): You are reading an article about butterfly migration and remember that John from XYZ Company studied lepidopterology. You decide to a. Send John a copy with a note that you thought it might be of interest to him. b. Not bother John thinking he must have already read the article. c. Send John a copy of the article with a note saying how displeased you are with the latest political elections. d. Print a copy of the article and put it in your file in case john stops in some day. 4 points QUESTION 16 Ch 4(3): The project scope document defines what needs to be done. True False 4 points QUESTION 17 Ch 4 (5): The work breakdown structure can include specifications regarding size, color, weight, or performance parameters such as speed, uptime, throughput, processing time, or operating temperature that the project result must satisfy. True False 4 points QUESTION 18 Ch 4 (14): A network diagram is a technique for organizing and subdividing all the project work and deliverables into more manageable components. True False 4 points QUESTION 19 Ch 4 (15): Although major or key deliverables may be stated in the project charter or request for proposal, they need to be ___________________ in the project scope document. repeated expanded on in greater detail stated at higher levels listed in sequence with the responsible person or organization. 4 points QUESTION 20 Ch 4 (67): The ______ is a roadmap that displays how all the specific activities fit together to accomplish the project work scope. a. work breakdown structure b. project scope statement c. project plan d. network diagram 4 points QUESTION 21 Ch 10: (12): The project manager establishes the parameters and guidelines for what needs to be done, and then tells the project team members how to get it done. True False 4 points QUESTION 22 Ch. 10 (16): The capable project manager understands what motivates team members and creates a competitive environment in which individuals compete as part of a high-performing team and are required to excel. True False 4 points QUESTION 23 Ch. 10 (32): The capable project manager provides opportunities for learning and development by encouraging individuals to assume the initiative, take risks, and make decisions. True False 4 points QUESTION 24 Ch 10 (2): The project manager has primary responsibility for_______ in planning, organizing, and controlling the work effort to accomplish the project objective. a. Doing the paperwork b. Making all of the decisions c. Providing leadership d. Impeding 4 points QUESTION 25 Ch 10 (7): The project manager reviews the plan with the customer to gain endorsement and then sets up a project management information system for a. Recording the plan b. Solidifying the agreement of the plan c. Comparing actual progress to planned progress d. Using technology to appear competent