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Fiscal and Resource Utilization in Nursing Essay

Fiscal and Resource Utilization in Nursing Essay

Fiscal and Resource Utilization in Nursing

Many people consider healthcare as a business that is grounded on caring for others and this is the largest contributor to runaway fiscal and resource utilization. The ongoing healthcare reform agenda demands that the cost of healthcare costs is kept at a minimum without compromising the goal to ensure quality and affordable care experiences to all clients (Martinez-Gonzalez et al., 2015). In an effort to ensure strict accountability relative to the application of healthcare resources both fiscal and material, the nursing leader seeks to introduce a program proposal that encourages maximum use of available resources at minimum cost. This implies that the nursing leaders must take into consideration financial and resource utilization issues, availability of both types of resources, strategic decisions relative to resource utilization as well as key performance indicators measuring program outcomes.

Financial and Resource Utilization Issues

The deficit of qualified healthcare professionals is not resigned to the U.S. and is indeed a global issue. According to Martinez-Gonzalez et al. (2015), it is projected that the shortage in staffs like physicians, nurses, and midwives is expected to rise to 12.9 million come 2035 (Martinez-Gonzalez et al., 2015). The current situation on the ground clearly paints this picture even though there has been a consistent increase in the numbers of fresh specialists. This is largely due to the unexpected outcome where there are less medical graduate students entering the healthcare industry. Another issue is associated with the unprecedented rise in persons demanding care for different degenerative and chronic condition therefore placing a substantially huge work load on primary care physicians as well as resulting in greater healthcare expenditures for the facilities (Salmond & Echevarria, 2017). Human resource shortages are bound to negatively impact on the program objectives translating to the unsustainability of the proposed nursing program.

The nursing leader also has to take into account a number of issues which leader to ineffective fiscal and resource utilization. These include poor accountability of steps taken to enhance quality outcomes, weak quality improvement infrastructures, failure to exploit peer accountability, improper application of set guidelines as well as ineffective application of clinical information systems (Foss et al., 2014). These are

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