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Essay on First Amendment in United States Freedom of Speech

Essay on First Amendment in United States Freedom of Speech


The First Amendment in United States protects the rights and freedom of speech of its citizens from interference from the government or any other individual. Moreover, Universal Declaration of Human Rights protects the rights of free speech for all people around the world (Graber, 2008). In addition, the First Amendment protects the citizens from both the federal and state government against violations of their freedoms of expression (Paul, Miller, & Paul, 2004). In this aspect, the state and federal government should not pass any legislation that is contrary to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Therefore, individuals are allowed to express themselves through dissemination and publication (Sluiter, & Rosen, 2004). Besides, individuals have the rights to petition and ask questions to the government or for any redress of grievances.

Free speech is a valuable and basic freedom in every society hence it cannot be underestimated. Additionally, around the world, in both developed and developing nations citizens struggle to access full freedom of expression because of a wide range of reasons including racial discriminations, cultural pressures and restrictive policies (Graber, 2008). In this regard, most people are often denied equal voice hence they cannot access significant participations in political processes. Free speech is often denied to people because they are religious minority or because they are underprivileged (Paul, Miller, & Paul, 2004). Therefore, when marginalized groups are denied free speech it intensifies the levels of poverty, legal barriers, discriminations, religious barriers and cultural restrictions. In this regard, free speech is a fundamental human right. Besides, when the freedom of expression is guaranteed other rights of freedoms are provided that depend on the free speech (Graber, 2008). Therefore, the freedom

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