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Final Examination American Government Essay

Final Examination American Government Essay

Final Examination American Government

Question 1

At the culmination of World War Two, the entire globe sought to align with the will of the two superpowers. Russia bore the flag for communism while the U.S. steadfastly engaged the entire world to embrace democracy. Adopted in 1947, The Truman Doctrine which evolved for George F. Kennan’s Containment Policy demanded that the U.S. government assist nations at the risk of the USSR’s expansive aims by offering economic and military assistance (Bardes, Shelley II, and Schmidt 533). This led to the formation of NATO member states to ensure Western Europe’s readiness and counter effectiveness against any USSR attack.

The Truman Doctrine not only nurtured fear amongst the American populace and the entire government apparatus but also fueled the infamous nuclear arms race. The USSR had its missiles pointed towards U.S. interests while the opposite also stood true. For instance, the Korean and Vietnam Wars as well as a number of bloody regime change endeavors all over the world were fostered via the Truman Doctrine (Bardes, Shelley II, and Schmidt 534). This made the world a hostile and fearful place to live as was witnessed in two wars where the communists fought against capitalists..

President Clinton emerged the U.S. first post-Cold War leader. The collapse of the country’s main rival introduced a new dimension that deemed the Truman Doctrine has having achieved its sole objective in a successful manner. Fall of it rival superpower also presented upheavals in Eastern Europe, No

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