FILM AS ART - Essay Prowess



Watch scene from Eisentstein’s Battleship Potemkin (1925):

II. Read
Mamet’s On Directing Film: 1-7
The first 10-20 pages from the script from Spartan (PDF Attachment below).
Interview with Mamet:
David Mamet: He mows down b.s. with his satire, yet still sells popcorn by Paul A. Toth

III. Watch either State and Main, Red Belt, or Glen Gary Glen Ross


Answer the following questions from one scene of the film:

What does the character want?

What does he or she do to get it?

What prevents him or her from getting it?

List the shots in the scene.
Describe the shots in the scene:

1. Shot size, any camera movement, a description of the action occurring in the shot.
2. Next shot.
3. Next shot.
And so on, describing every shot in the scene.

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