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Feminist Activism Lorde’s Argument Essay

Feminist Activism Lorde’s Argument Essay

Lorde’s argument regarding the political uses of anger for feminist activism


The article by Lorde Audre discusses the utilization of anger. The scholar argued that in the current world, people respond to social discriminations such as racism with anger. In this regard, anger exhibit due to exclusion, racial distortions, undisputed privilege, co-opting, betrayal, misnaming, defensiveness and stereotyping (Lorde 278). Lorde explains anger in relation to racism and the de-legitimization of such resentment by white women. Furthermore, anger is a product of racist approaches to the presumptions and actions that emerge from such attitudes. If an individual is handling other persons, the actions must demonstrate those attitudes. Anger can be applied in a person’s growth similar to that used in learning. The author also noted that defensiveness and guilt are blocks in a wall against where individuals can die because they do not serve any of the future (Lorde 278).

Uses of Anger for Feminist Activism

The article focuses on women and the way they apply their anger. In fact, she compares women from different races such as the whites and people of color (Lorde 279). Lorde explains that each woman has well-equipped weaponry of anger hypothetically important against those institutional and personal anger. Additionally, she is capable of reacting based on oppressions that generated

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