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Excessive Force Used by Law Enforcement

Excessive Force Used by Law Enforcement


particular human interaction, situation, or activity using existing sources and applying your sociological imagination. This is
where students will actually practice sociological research by conducting their own investigation on a particular topic.
There are three parts to the term paper? the research proposal, a one page statement of the particular human activity or
endeavor to be investigated? the literature review, which should be roughly 34
pages and incorporate initial results of a
review of literature relevant to the proposed research connected to the theoretical position and research orientation? and
the final submission which should be 79
pages, with an 11 or 12 point font, one inch margins, and double spaced, and
incorporate results of the research and discussion of the results connected to the theoretical paradigm(s) in APA format.
Students will want to view the video on doing sociological research located in the Learning Activities folder inside Class
Session 2 folder, and the videos on making sense of sociological theory and The Promise, located in the Learning
Activities folder inside Class Session 1 folder.nProject Assignment ComponentsnResearch Proposal: This paper should
be no more than 12
pages in length, doublespaced
with an 11 or 12 point font, and should be a brief description of the
proposed term paper research, including what is the hypothesis of the research paper, which theoretical approach the
paper will employ, and which particular human activity or endeavor the student will be investigating. Another way of
thinking about this is to make sure that there are several things included in this paper? what is the subject of the research,
what is the expected finding, why is this subject important to research, and how is the data going to be gathered, i.e. what
sources are to be used. The subject of the research has only one restriction? it must involve human activity of some type.
Sociology studies numerous facets of human society and activity. Possible sources for research topics include hobbies,
interests, social problems, career choices, etc. When the particular human interaction, activity, or situation is selected,
there may be an expectation of what will be found. This is the potential hypothesis for the research paper. Connecting this
hypothesis with one or more of the larger theoretical approaches, functionalism, conflict and interactionist, can be thought
of as explaining why this subject is important to research and how this research contributes to a greater understanding of
human society, activity, or interaction. This is the deductive process of research. Alternately, if there is no expectation of any
results, data can be gathered and analyzed, and the explanatory theory can be developed out of the analysis. After
gathering and analyzing data, an explanation is developed using one or more of the theoretical approaches. This is the
inductive process, also known as the grounded theory approach to research. There are four videos in Class Session 2
Learning Activities folder, three of which have sociologists discussing their research, and the fourth, the paradox video,
discusses the research cycle, and these videos contain helpful material regarding the research process. Students are
encouraged to view these videos prior to creating the research proposal. This portion of the term paper research project is
pass/fail? all students submitting the research proposal component of the term paper research project will receive the 10
points. General comments and guidelines from the instructor will be provided for each research proposal indicating the
best way to proceed with the literature review and research.nLiterature Review: This paper should be 34
pages long,
although it may be longer, and should contain all of the elements discussed in the research proposal more fully
developed, and also incorporating any relevant literature connected to the theoretical position or research method. The
object of this paper is to find articles and books from respected sources that help to support the hypothesis. Another way to
think about the literature review is as a process in which searches are conducted in databases for articles and books that
contain support for the hypothesis, and can be used in constructing an explanation for the expectation presented in the
hypothesis. Students should restrict themselves to scholarly sources for the literature review. During this part of the
research project, students should also begin to develop a list of keywords they will use for gathering further data for the
final submission. All students should read “Conducting Literature Reviews” in the required content for Class Session 7.
Students conducting inductive research may also want to read “The Place of the Literature Review in Grounded Research”
in the supplemental content for Class Session 7. This portion of the term paper research project is pass/fail? all students
submitting the literature review component of the term paper research project will receive the 15 points. General
guidelines and comments from the instructor will be returned for each literature review indicating how to proceed with the
research.nFinal Submission: After conducting the literature review, it is time to gather your data using your selected
keywords. For this portion of data gathering, you are free to use a wider range of sources, including news articles,
magazines, videos, etc. as long as you use your sociological imagination to connect this data with your research topic. For
example, if the topic of research is a social movement like Black Lives Matter, the researcher could use conflict theory to
analyze news stories about Black Lives Matter from newspapers, magazines, the internet or news programs. Once you
have gathered your data, it is time to present your findings, in a formatted paper with several sections, including an
introduction drawn from the research proposal, the literature review, the findings of your research, a discussion of the
findings, and a conclusion. This paper should be 79
pages in length, and should be in the APA format. This paper should
be a coherent presentation of the findings of the research of the student connected to one of the theoretical positions
presented in the text with a defensible interpretation of the relevance of the findings to social science. Some questions to
consider in the discussion of your findings include? did you support or reject your hypothesis? How do your findings relate
to the three theoretical paradigms? structural functionalism, conflict or symbolic interaction? Can you generalize from your
findings to the larger society? How could your findings apply to social policy? Remember, be objective and allow your data
to speak, even if it does not support your hypothesis. Negative results are still good scientific results. The final submission
should also include a title page, an abstract page, and a reference page with sources in APA format, all of which are to be
included in the page count. You should have at least five sources in addition to the textbook. The body of the paper should
be 46
pages, and page numbering, a running header, and any visual representations (graphs, charts, etc.) should be
included in the body of the paper. Points will be deducted for errors in theory, method, format, grammar and punctuation in
the grading process for the final submission, which is worth 100 points. Points will also be deducted for papers that do not
meet the minimum length requirementn

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