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Evaluating Objective and Projective Assessments

Evaluating Objective and Projective Assessments

Section One: Objective Personality Assessment


The term objective as used in the objective methods of personality assessment refers to the aspect of focusing on the behavior of an individual as would be revealed to examiners, judges or even observers. Just like the term objective sounds, the element of one attempting to declare himself or herself in as far as his or her behavior is concerned is not embraced in this form of personality assessment approach (Friese et.al, 2006). In this case, the subject undergoes observation from a far and the observations are based on elementary things such as the habits, needs and other stipulated traits which could be used to determine an absolute account of the personality of the subject individual.

Features and Examples of Objective Methods

As stipulated above, these methods are expected to derive an outcome that will explain the demeanor of a person in from real aspects and values. Accordingly, the assessment methods constitute the use of a restricted response format. It embraces the use of the ordinal scale ratings reflecting the true-false questions. The methods contain extensively tested validity scales in a bid to determine whether the individual taking the tests is responding truthfully. According to research, the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is considered to be a renowned objective personality test.

Examples of these measures include the miniature life situations, the method of unobserved observations, rating scales and physiological measures.  For instance, the miniature life situations involves a process where the artificial situations resembling real life situations are established and the reaction and behavior of the subject are first observed and evaluated. Hence, the subject does not have a chance respond verbally and give opinion regarding their personalities.

The Assumptions of the Methods and the Analysis of the Empirical Research Test

The hypothesis of these methods is that for one to determine the personal traits of an individual, it is necessary and sufficient to engage study the habits, the needs and even the characteristics independently. Hence, the examiner is supposed to acquire independent results in light with the subject’s personality. An empirical research compiled by

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