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Ethical Problems Associated with A.I. Essay

Ethical Problems Associated with A.I. Essay

Ethical Problems Associated with A.I.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) promises to be the next big thing with great to potential of positively impacting on human societies across the globe. It entails computer programming that bears the innate capacity to continuously learn and also adapt to the setting in which is generally applied (Pichai, 2018). Through the creation of algorithms capable of actualizing machine learning, it is possible to tackle a particular set of challenges such as the issue of email spams and ensuring that a user will only expect to receive information which they consider as relevant. Unfortunately, there is the grave concern associated with the possibility A.I. failing to keep to universally as well as localized codes of ethics. In this particular case, the option of using artificial intelligence in the privacy protection of teenager’s library use records might inadvertently fail to meet acceptable ethical standards.

At present, there exists a growing body of literature discussing the advantages as well as the challenges especially from an ethics standpoint associated with A.I. Google is one of the few techno

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