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Ethical decisions in internet

Discussion 14by Santan Reddy Putchakayala – Friday, 10 August 2018, 4:49 PM 

In Today’s world most of the organizations are successful because of Information System. But using this information in a wrong way creates a lot of problem to organization and employees. Organization use internet and collect user data for their business. Now the main task for organizations is to secure the data. Now a days all organizations are facing issue with hackers attacks for confidential information. Information technology is facing lot of ethical issues and challenges like lack of security and privacy for confidential information.  Hackers look for all possible loop holes to get the information. Cybercrime also growing so fast as information technology.

Ethics is social values and it assumes that society is working on trust factor. It is important that the technology users should make ethical decisions when anyone in the organization is engaged in unethical behavior, organization entire have to face the issue. Organizations face this issues either with internal or outside parties so companies have to ensure that their data is secure.

Most of the organizations which are in digital market are becoming victims for the cybercrime. Below are some of the ethical challenges faced by information technology.

Security: With growing technology tools like internet, it is easy for hackers to use IP address and track the user’s activity on internet. Cookies are used on browsers to collect the information. Companies use this cookies to decide what content has to show to the user. But for banking sector hackers will track the transaction and changes the transaction as they desired for their use.

Privacy Issue: Information technology is explored in such a way we can find information online. But this is also causing issues to privacy.

Prosperity:  Ownership of information and ownership of channels through which the information is transmitted.

Accessibility:   Amount of information accessible for organization employees. And the access they have to get information.

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