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Essay on Personal Ethics

In our daily lives, we encounter several challenges in nursing practices, which influences our lives and lives of those who depend on us. I make decision based on my personal ethics, morals and values that helps to define my character as a person. Ethics are principles of conduct that drives a person or a group. Besides, morals are usually developed and passed on by the society hence they may not be one’s own (Benjamin, & Curtis, 2010).  Morals are either wrong or right behaviors or actions for a particular person. Moreover, values enable a nurse to promote sound functioning and strengthening the society (Hitchcock, Schubert, & Thomas, 2003). The moral, values and ethics has enabled me to be where I am now in the nursing career.

My passion for life is saving lives of other people, which have influenced me to work hard in my nursing career. Passion for caring the sick is what brought me to the career. I made a personal decision long period ago to assist others and always care for people that need my help (Benjamin, & Curtis, 2010). My passion for nursing was influenced by a group of nurses who helped my brother. As he lay down in the hospital bed, nurses attended him well and I thought I should do the same. Compassion and respect for people’s lives enabled me to exactly know what I wanted to become (Benjamin, & Curtis, 2010). I assist all patients with the same degree o

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